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Dodge in-tank fuel pump retrofit install instructions

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I am looking for the 1998.5+ Dodge in-tank fuel pump retrofit install instructions. I would like to get these instructions in order to remove the kit from my truck. Thanks !
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Buy a Draw Straw V (5) kit and install it into the in tank pump module. There are no 1/4 tank issues at all with a Draw Straw V kit. Buy one of the external fuel pumps numerous vendors sell and attach it to the frame rail in front of the fuel tank.

When installing the Draw Straw V kit you simply disconnect a couple wires in the in-tank pump module, remove the existing pump and install the draw straw suction tube in its place, there is no splicing of wires required. The external fuel pump that you need to buy to replace the existing pump that was in the in-tank module will come with its own wiring harness. The new wiring harness connects to a lead at the ECM and a power and ground connection. Route the new harness to the new pump and plug it in.
This is the install procedure for the Raptor pump I have.

This pump and Draw Straw V from Genos Garage would work just fine for you.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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