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What will the 2023 MY bring us?

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Hydrogen is a waste of energy. How do you make hydrogen? By splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, which takes electricity. Not a commercially viable option. It's a neat technology, but not efficient.

Give us a real transmission. I'm on my 7th Dodge/Ram Cummins. While my 2022 Aisin is WAY better than my 2017 was, I still think my 2022 68RFE drove far better unloaded or loaded.

Come on Ram, give us a real ZF 8 speed. It's awesome in my wife's Grand Wagoner, awesome in my diesel Rubicon, awesome in the Charger/Challengers regardless of engine choice.

My buddy's 2022 F350 transmission is so much better. The 2022 Silverado HD transmission I test drove is so much better.

Really the only thing I am displeased with in all of my Ram/Dodge trucks over the years is the transmission (aside from my NV5600).

Come on Ram, give us a new tranny in addition to better tow mirrors and a digital dash...
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