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do i have a problem?

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If I grab the nut on the shaft in the center of the turbo where the intake is can it have any play left or right? Not in or out
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here is a indepth inspection of your turbo. just an idea

Visually inspect the turbocharger and exhaust
manifold gasket surfaces. Replace stripped or eroded
mounting studs.
(1) Visually inspect the turbocharger for cracks.
The following cracks are NOT acceptable:
² Cracks in the turbine and compressor housing
that go completely through.
² Cracks in the mounting flange that are longer
than 15 mm (0.6 in.).
² Cracks in the mounting flange that intersect
bolt through-holes.
² Two (2) Cracks in the mounting flange that are
closer than 6.4 mm (0.25 in.) together.
(2) Visually inspect the impeller and compressor
wheel fins for nicks, cracks, or chips. Note: Some
impellers may have a factory placed paint mark
which, after normal operation, appears to be a crack.
Remove this mark with a suitable solvent to verify
that it is not a crack.
(3) Visually inspect the turbocharger compressor
housing for an impeller rubbing condition (Fig. 20).
Replace the turbocharger if the condition exists.
(4) Measure the turbocharger axial end play:
(a) Install a dial indicator as shown in (Fig. 21).
Zero the indicator at one end of travel.
(b) Move the impeller shaft fore and aft and
record the measurement. Allowable end play is
0.026 mm (0.0001 in.) MIN. and 0.127 mm (0.005
in.) MAX. If the recorded measurement falls outside
these parameters, replace the turbocharger
(5) Measure the turbocharger bearing radial clearance:
(a) Insert a narrow blade or wire style feeler
gauge between the compressor wheel and the housing
(Fig. 22).
(b) Gently push the compressor wheel toward
the housing and record the clearance.
(c) With the feeler gauge in the same location,
gently push the compressor wheel away from the
housing and again record the clearance.
(d) Subtract the smaller clearance from the
larger clearance. This is the radial bearing clearance.
(e) Allowable radial bearing clearance is 0.33
mm (0.013 in.) MIN. and 0.50 mm (0.020 in.) MAX.
If the recorded measurement falls outside these
specifications, replace the turbocharger assembly.
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