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Ditching Banks for more power!!!!

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So I'm ditching the banks set up for more power.I've heard alot of hype about the adr but I'm also considering the edge comp. My only question is for the adr do you need a lap top to do the down loads for different tunes or can you bring it inside and do it on the home puter.I'm not a wizz on the computer so i don't want to banging my head every time I want to change a tune. How easy is it Really. Also are the tunes set or can you tweak them to to match your existing mods, or does it only adjust low boost fueling like on the comp or attitude? And last but not least are the 180 horse numbers real most specifically for the 98.5
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No you dont need a lap top. It has a usb port on it that you download through it, just unplug the harnass from it and take it inside.

In order to download a tune just go to the website and pick the one you want, there is instructions to help you, and the customer care is second to none.

You can adjust how it fuels, how much timing, and so much more, i ran both the comp and now the adr. Tell you this ,ucj the adr pulls much harder and i would never switch.

The 180 hp is on a stock truck i believe, someone will correct me if im wrong. Get the adr you will not be dissapointed, just make sure it has the pulse monitor.
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