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Differential cover/transfer case questions

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Hey guys, I'm getting ready to change fluid in front and rear differential in my 2007 5.9L (1st time I've done it myself). I'm going to be pulling the covers off each to inspect. I thought I read somewhere that there is a reusable rubber gasket either between them or bonded to the cover itself and no need for rtv or replacement gasket- is that correct?
Also, is there a gasket between the transfer case and the tranny(g56)? I'm planning on removing the t-fer case when I'm installing my new SB OFE clutch.
Just wanted to be prepared so I'm not running back and forth to the auto parts store and/or waiting for parts to come.
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Thanks. Good tip ;) wouldn't want a facefull of gear oil all over me and all over the floor, axle etc!!! it looks pretty easy to do then since theres no gasket to fart around with/scrape off.
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