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Different kinda shudder

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Im having an issue. With a trans shudder but im hesitant to belive its the trans. Everything is as u see in sig. Trans has about 60k and regularly serviced. With xzt on power mode. Around 45-50mph light on throttle I get a shudder( like somebody shaking you not lock unlock). If I flip xzt down a notch it goes 95-100% away. Or if I push throttle little further it will clear up. Seems to just be at that 1250 1300 rpm mark. This problem just came on all of a sudden after truck sat around for about a month while getting painted. I've towed about 4klbs with it and problem was no worse just the same. Thanks for any input on what to try.
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Not sure if you are experiencing the same thing as I have , but my problems started the same way you described and the truck has steadily declined. At first I thought it was transmission issues, but I now think it is my IP. Hope you get it figured out. Good luck!
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