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Difference between Donaldson DBL7349 and P551018?

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I seem to have posted this in the wrong place, hopefully someone can help here!

I have a few questions that nobody seems to be able to answer locally at parts counters. From what I've read the DBL7349 is the new part number for the ELF7349, which is the same oil filter as the Amsoil EAO80.

From Donaldson specs the DBL7349 and P551018 have the same filtering specs, but the DBL is a larger filter. So my main question, do the DBL and P55 use the same filter media, just different size? I picked up a case of the P55 (they didn't have the DBL in stock) but now I'm second guessing if I should order in a case of DBL's. Any/all questions/comments/concerns would be appreciated!

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I emailed Donaldson tech support directly to get to the bottom of this. I'll post their reply as soon as I get it. There's a reason why the DBL costs twice as much as the P55, I just wanna know why !! haha
No response yet, they must be busy o_O I'll update as soon as I hear back from them.
Well they never got back with me but after researching around their database here's what I've found out (super condensed):

The DBL has a heavy duty seal on it which helps extreme conditions and hot oil conditions, has a lower oil flow restriction (40% more compared to 13% more for the P55), larger capacity, and is made up of Synteq filter media (which is micro fiberglass) instead of cellulose filter media. The DBL is designed to provide enhanced durability for extended drain intervals.

So pretty much looks like the DBL is the better bang for the buck but they both are good filters. I might just sell the case of P55 I bought and get some DBL's and run a bypass system on it.
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