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Diesel shops SW Ohio

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Anyone know of any shops in the SW Ohio area?

Looking to pick up a fuel pressure gauge for my truck so I can put it in this weekend.
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I live about 25 miles east of Cincy...but i just talked to a guy yesterday about gettin my fed up tranny fixed, they shop is called DMZ Diesel. I have to number too, as well as where they are located. I don't know what they have as far parts on hand. I have ordered all of my stuff off of the internet...there are little shops here and there also that will do work on your truck that i know of also.
Probably not find too many shops with those on hand. You could contact one of the forum sponsors and have one overnighted to you..
Southern Ohio Customs.. There located in New Miami,Ohio wich is right next to Hamilton,Ohio...
Whats the place in winchester
Woodruff Diesel is located in New Vieana,Ohio... They do very good work and will help you with any of your needs..
Thanks steven i was trying to think of woodruff, but couldn't remeber name
theres a few that i know of.... Dayton Diesel which is off I-75 Needmore Rd. exit., Warren County Diesel, Crank it up diesel which is in Urbana, and Buckeye Auto-Diesel in Lebanon. PM me if u need names/numbers
Wooster Diesel Performance Center. Not Really In The Southern Parts Much But Check Us Out.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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