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a while back i posted about NADC school and how i was thinking about going. now i was just wondering how many of you guys are diesel mechanics, and what kind of wages you guys make? im interested in becoming a mech. and im just curious. wages, benefits, and such? also, what kind of place you working at? a local truck service joint, a Cummins dealer, Peterbilt, etc? the reason i ask that is cuz there is a Cummins dealer, a Peterbilt dealer, and 2 or 3 big trucking places within working/driving distance of me. thanks for any and all info.
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I work with a guy that goes to NADC. He just went to a job fair, where Catapillar, volvo and mercedes were hiring straight from that school. I heard that NADC is a good school, but you have to want to learn, not just hang out!!
Im a navy construction mechanic i work with the Cummins Pressure timed 855ci cat C-12 and 8553 some detroit 2-strokes(EPA Phase out) and the GM 6.2,6.5nt, 6.5t,8.2(also limited) and any other old diesel engine system the Seabees can manage to still have floating around the world. my wages are only about $2000 a month but I still love my job.
yea one of the guys i talked to said they have 75-100 companies that come through 2 times a year and interview ppl to hire right out of school. thats sounds pretty good to me. i'd like to work for Cummins, Caterpillar, or Peterbilt or something. I thought that some ppl on here might have some info for me.
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