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i have bought many items in the past from Jacob, smooth service. thanks Jacob :thumbsup:
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Bought my valair single disc ceramic/kevlar clutch from DAP, great prices and shipping was fast!

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Great service

Great service, pretty quick shipping, and and amazing price.

Thanks Jacob -- you've earned my business :thumbsup:
I bought a couple turbos from Jacob a while back. Great communication when dealing with him. ANY promise made was followed through on, and He really gave me a hell of a deal. Thanks alot Jacob !
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i've bought two items from jacob and both times
were painful, with lack of communication, not
answering phones, etc... the 1st transaction was
slow, but i did get the part and it was a perfect
fit. 2nd transaction, come to find out, the website
had the wrong description on it, so wasnt exactly
what i needed. dap needs to work on communication
and website updating with correct info, and this
includes timely updates.

otherwise, great transactions.
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Never had a bad experience with Jacob, and I have had more than a couple phone calls with him.
He has gone out of his way for me in the past to find answers to my questions and has looked beyond his normal suppliers to find parts for me at prices that no one can touch. I refer him to others and intend to continue to do so.
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I have had DOZENS of dealings with Jacob, all good. :)
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DAP is a class act, I have purchased several things from Jacob now and I am totally impressed. Customer service is second to none, prices can't be beat, and even the shipping is timely!

I placed another order today through Sterling, another incredible guy to talk with and place an order with.

Thanks you both for being helpful and patient with my questions and concerns!
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Once again you came thru when I was in a pinch. Great service, excellent prices and fast shipping. Glad you keep a good selection in stock. Definately going to continue to do business with you and recommend you.

Thanks again
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have bought several things from Jacob over time. He has also helped me out as well when diagnosing VP44 issues.

I will say that so far DAP has done me good, but still a bit concerned about a thread on another forum, still trying to iron out what the core problem is,

Update/EDIT: (1-27)Got an email from Jacob and he is tracking it down. Im pleased to see he is following it.

Update: (1-29) DAP took the vp-44 in for inspection, withing a week and is having it tested for defects. DAP stands by its products.

As quoted from the thread
Through all of this, DAP customer service has been very good. Everyone I have talked to has been courteous and helpful!
Update (2-7) The OP from the other thread reported that he installed the Vp-44 wrong and bent his key way, the other issue was an internal IAT sensor, which was fixed as well. The IAT was fixed under warranty, and he only paid for the broken key way that he broke. In all it shows how well DAP stands by its product.

As a customer i will buy from companies that are willing to fix issues, and i will not hesitate to buy from DAP again. And when i get the cash up for it i'll be picking up a VP-44 from them as well:thumbsup:
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In my dealings with DAP, I've found communication from jkidd to be a little short.

He will often time give very, very brief answers. Which can be a bit of a turn off. While his bed side manner makes me scratch my head, I can't imagine the huge number of can-i-get-a-price-for questions he fields or the number of guys he has to help educate so they can figure out what it is they really want to buy. So I guess I wouldn't be typing for a 1/2 hour for each potential customer either....

Now, I'm not one of those guys that's on the DAP meat and I'm prolly not going to put DAP's web address in my signature, but I will take a moment to let people know that Jacob has flat out gotten it done for me:

When I needed a VP he got it to me now and for a great price.

I ordered a turbo monday night this week and today got a call from my wife during my lunch break asking me if there was something I wanted to share with her since there was a brand new BD Super B turbo sitting on the porch!

Great price, fast shipping & no empty promises. That's getting it done.

jkidd is a bad M/F & building this truck would be a lot more work and stress without him.
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Bought a Quad Max Mileage and boost fooler from Jacob, in my hand in two days! Also very good customer service when I had to call to double-check the box didn't do boost fooling. Thanks guys, can't wait to get the cash for my turbo and manifold!
Thought ide update.

I got that VP-44 Ordered it on a Monday and got it on a Wednesday, Still waiting on those ARP's but they are on Back order.

VP-44 went in easily, and she runs great, although this built auto is giving me a stalling hassle now.(unrelated)
Got my airdog 2 from jacob in canada in less that 2 weekz. about 9 days. Thats is awesome. Only problem I had to pay like 30-40$ of boarder fees -.-

Other then that top notch companny and will buy again.

I already bought a quadzilla 1 year ago and had awesome service.
Have purchased a few things from jkidd and every time the service has been great. I plan to continue buying the majority of my upgrades from DAP because I find it really hard to find lower prices anywhere else. The world would be a better place if everybody that sold stuff on the classifieds shipped it out a fast as jkidd and diesel auto power do. Now if only I could get one of those cool DAP decals with one of my future purchases :thumbsup:
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ISSPRO EV2 guages

Purchased 4 EV2 guages from these folks, great to deal with. Ordered a transmission pan yesterday and it shipped out within two hours. Nothing but good things to say from me. Keep up the good work!

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Diesel Auto Power - Feedback

I posted about my recent experience with Diesel Auto Power but the thread was removed. I guess I was not allowed to post my opinion about my experience.

This time I will just state the facts and you can make your own mind up.

The story so far.....

Ordered factory matching EV2 gauges from Diesel Auto Power along with Vulcan Performance under intake fuel filter mount and filter.
Parts arrived promtly. Also received a phone call saying the wrong fittings for the filter were sent but that the new ones are in the post and will arrive shortly.

Thats fine, mistakes happen. As long as they get rectified.

So, installed the gauges, again no problem. When I tested the gauges at night I noticed that the boost gauge was a different color than the pyro and trans temp gauge. On closer inspection it looks like the boost gauge is an older style EV2 gauge than the other two and doesn't quite match. It still has EV2-performax-EV2 written around the middle. The other two don't. It has the same part number as the new boost gauge but must an older gauge.

Anyhow, contacted DAP and explained the situation. Firstly by email to the gmail address on their website on the 16th September. Got no reply. Also mentioned that no fittings for the fuel filter mount had arrived either. Waited a few days and then phoned. I was told by a sales representative that to send in pictures of the gauges and they would contact ISSPRO and get it sorted. And that they would try and track down the missing filter fittings and get them to me. That sounded good. Don't mind waiting a little bit if this gets resolved. Mistakes happen, right?

I sent the pictures in as asked. Day and night pictures to show the difference. In fact I sent the pictures several times and got no reply. I send several follow up emails to both the sales representative's email and the gmail address from their website. Still no reply. I phoned once and left a message for the sales representative. I received a voicemail saying no pictures were received and that the filter parts haven't been found. Not impressed as I was using the address given and the address off their website.

I am now working abroad and can only chase this up by email. I emailed the pictures again to both email addresses. Still no reply. I finally got a reply from the gmail address saying that they got the pictures OK but that the sales representative was out of the office and she would pass on the message.

Sent another email asking what was happening. Finally heard back from the sales representative stating that he only received all my emails the other day (does the secretary not pass on messages?) and that I would need to contact ISSPRO. Also there is no tracking number for the filter parts so if they don't turn up then they will try and find a set and send them out.

I ordered the parts on the 4th September and made my first complaint about the parts on the 16th Septmeber. So from the 16th September they knew there was a problem. I finally heard back on the 18 Oct saying I have to fix the problem myself (ref. the gauges) and that if the filter parts don't turn up they will send more out.
My order shipped on the 5th September. If the missing parts had not arrived 6 weeks later then logic would dictate that they probably aren't coming.

I don't see why it is my problem to fix somebody elses mistake. Gauges not matching was not my fault. Parts getting lost in the mail is not my fault. Yet I am working hard to get this rectified. All I want is what I ordered. A set of gauges that match and a filter that I can install. At the moment I have neither. Should it not be the responsibility for the vendor to make sure the customer has what they ordered? At least thats what I thought anyway.

And of course for me to fix this problem will no doubt cost extra money even if it is just in shipping costs. Will I get a refund? I wonder!

Anyhow, without offering an opinion I will let you make up your own mind on whether you should order parts from DAP.

All I have stated here is how events unfolded.

You can probably guess that I am not overly impressed.
Would you be?

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Diesel auto power have said nothing as yet.

My wife said the filter parts arrived the other day. So at least that is something. Only taken about 6 weeks.

Looks like I'm on my own getting the gauge to match though.
Does anybody know if ISSPRO will update older style EV2 gauges to match the new style?
By the time I pay the shipping I'd probably be better off just buying a new matching gauge I suppose!

Probably won't order it from DAP this time!!!!!!
I ordered a turbo and gauges from them no problems other then two outtta the three isspro gauges quit workin.
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