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I'm considering a Diablo Power Puck or Edge EZ as my first performance mod. I'm running out of time and :$:so I think I'll leave the exhaust/intake/maybe injectors for next year. This truck was purchased as a travel tailer puller, no racing/sled pulling planned. Now....

I got a new factory lift pump installed at Cummins ($692......sheesh....). My FP is 11 idle, 10 city, 9 highway, 7 at WOT. This is an electric gauge. The Cummins tech said his mechanical gauge read 14-15 idle, so maybe my gauge is off a little.

Anyway, please tell me if I have this straight.

1. Diablo Puck or Edge EZ are just timing advance programmers and add no fuel, right?
2. Therefore, logically they should not have any effect on fuel pressure, right?
3. Thefore, they should make no smoke, right?
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