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Having been on in awhile figured id throw so new pics of the truck and some added progress. Ill be adding more pics of everything as i go. As far as mods ive stayed the same. Edge comp,150injectors,hx35,Raptor150,4in exhaust,built tranny , bhaf, Gauges. Will be adding some new stuff looking at doing a turbo upgrade still haven't decided and looking to get rid of the comp. :party018::stirpot:

Here is the first day i brought it home.

Ive since than added tow mirror,tint, color matched grille and inserts,replaced dent front bumper, removed pinstripe ,headlights and tail lights.. Tax time its going under the knife cab is getting repainted and fixed. Due to old owner jackknifing a goose neck. Than also finding a new bed since mines starting to rot out.

Its made a little bit of progress since i bought it 3 years ago. Ill be adding more pics soon
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