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Denton this Sat anyone????

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Anyone headed to Denton this Sat for the ORDA race?

Me and Cluth1 are headin up there around 2pm Sat to meet a few aothers like BGBLU and Roskoe1...we will be hangin out with the Texas Diesel Power Guys more than likely so if yall are up there look for us around the funny car!!!
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what's the info on this race??
What is there to think about....good ppl...cold beer....and diesel trucks??????? Hmmm sounds like a no brainer to me :T: just messin with ya!

ok...nice edit job I look like the retard :D

Ummm let me see if there is another thread about it on here and Ill post it up!
haha well...the deciding factor would be time and such. So, I figured that would be a better way to word it. Sorry for making you look like a retard :( hahaha
ODRA North Star Dragway Sat. May 31st


Outlaw Diesel Racing Association will be joining the Charity Race League at North Star Dragway on Sat. May 31!

Admission is $10 and $5 to race (be sure to tell the gate you are will the charity league or the price is more)

There will be heads up, run what you brung racing and a ODRA Bounty Race: $500.00 Reward*

$500 will go to the First DIESEL truck to beat Ray Salters in an 1/8 mile drag race at North Star Dragway Sat. May 31st.

*Entry for the bounty race is $50 and any street legal diesel is qualified! Vehicle must have current inspection and be tagged.

Gates open at 6pm and racing starts at 7:00pm

Look forward to seeing you all there!
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hmmmm late nights in Denton...I'll see if I cant round up a few people
Im interested! Does someone have directions?
Directions :
Northbound: Travel I-35 through Denton to Exit 474 (just pass Love's Truck Stop) stay on the service road it will U-turn underneath the interstate . Dragway will be on your right.

Southbound: South I-35 through Sanger take Exit 473 ( Love's Truck Stop) cross overpass stay on service rd. Dragway will be on your right.
Thanks DIEEEZELLL!!!!!!
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