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Delivery valves?

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I don't quite understand the "delivery valve" aspect of the p7100 pump. As far as sizes, 191s, 181s, 131s, 022, 024... Etc. I was wondering what setup I should go with, if I want to push more than 600 horsepower out of my rig? It's also got to be a daily driver (if a 600 hp rig is capable of being a street truck as well haha) so a smoky mess wouldn't be too good. If my signature doesn't show, I currently have a 94 with a manual nv4500, AFC is gutted, #0 plate, I have been told my clutch is a 550 or a 600 hp clutch, and I've been "told" that I have 150 sticks, which I don't doubt, they're quite a bit bigger than 370s. I currently have an HX40, but I will upgrade that soon. I'm also planning on putting in 4k gsk with valve springs. If that helps a little bit.
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a smoky mess wouldn't be too good. AFC is gutted
First off if you want a decent driving street truck you should really put the afc back in and learn how to tune it. THat will make a huge difference in drive ability.

As for dv's, id go with .022, 191 or even .024s.
:hehe: Thanks, I need that.

I'm also planning on putting in 4k gsk with valve springs. If that helps a little bit.
I suggest doing this first, it's a great upgrade and you'll love it!
I've tried everything with the AFC. spring set, diaphragm, shaving the arm, it seemed to spool my turbo the fastest when I just gutted the thing. I apologize for the stupidity haha, it was 2 in the morning. I was planning on getting the gsk before the DVs. Are DVs easy to install? Or should I have a shop install them?
4k gsk and timing is a must on the smaller pumps. I agree you really need to put the afc back together and tune it correctely.

Dv's are really easy to install...Please don't pay anyone to install them or you will lose your man card.
Damit you beat me to it again :rof :agree2:

If you dont consider it a smokey mess now it wont matter what dv's you put in :rof
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