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Deleting dpf

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I plan on deleting my dpf on my 12' 2500 with the delete pipe and not doing the whole exhaust anybody know how much louder my truck will be , trying to keep it as quite as possible. Is this the best way
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The downpipe has a cat very close to the turbo so it helps a lot to keep the interior quiet. A lot of guys delete everything then try to fight drone and resonance with mufflers. So for someone that wants quiet I think keeping the downpipe is good option. It's not a very significant change in the interior. The exterior is still quiet and stock sounding. IMO very few people would ever guess that anything has been done to the exhaust just by hearing it either inside or outside.

I made this video with that setup... Just a dpf delete pipe the rest of the exhaust is stock (plus air intake). It's not the greatest video but you can tell it's still very quiet.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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