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DEF Service Required See Dealer

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New here guys & Need help. Have 2016 2500 w/ 6.7 displaying DEF Service message for the 3rd time in 6months. I've had it to the dealership the past 2 times, and the last time they said Fluid was bad. Charged me for a flush, clean, and fill, and had to change injector / other parts. I have put only 1 jug of Mopar DEF in since, and after 4k miles, got the message again today what gives ?? I'm doing a project in the mountains, and do a lot of really short trips, but don't leave truck idling at all. Once a week do a good run down the hill and back up..... Why is this a continuous issue ?? Please Help & thanks in advance.
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If they claim bad def again make them draw 2 samples into clean, clear containers while you watch. You keep one and watch them test the other with the required tool, which is a refractometor. All to often the dealer claims bad product without even testing it, then charges for a needless flush.
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