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Death to the S.S. truck

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a buddy in my home town has one of those chevy SS trucks and he is always talking about how fast it is. so FINALLY i saw him at a gas station the other day and we decided to race, i figured he would smoke me, but the cummins stood tall, very tall.:thumbsup
we started from a dead stop, i was in 2wd and he has awd, we took off and he jumped out front by about 4 feet, but i knew if i could stay close once i hit 4th gear i would be in good shape(my truck is an automatic) so sure enough we stayed dead even from 0-75 once i hit 4th gear it was OVER!!!i easily pulled by him and had about a full truck length on him when my truck cut off at 109 mph.
i was very proud and he was embarassed and could not believe my truck was that fast, needless to say i was smiling for a while.
just thought i would share that
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oh yea, been meaning to fill it out, here you go!
i dont have alot of mods, that why i was expecting to be embarassed
yea i love mine too, my buddy has a 5" exhaust no cat with a muffler and it is a completely different sound and we have the same truck

i want to take my cat off and see the difference!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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