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2016 Ram 2500 6.7L ——wait for it——2wd
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What’s up guys!
So I drove from So Cal to Cody Wyoming over the last day and a half....towing my 5th wheel.
Total of 19.5 engine hours and 1,128 miles total. At about 900 mile mark or so, when my engine break engaged it started whining....just like a high pitch whistle (different than the first 900 miles).
so I unhitched today and the truck just feels dead/flat on the doesn’t seem like I’m getting anything and then the boost kicks in and I’m boosting and climbing gears......I don’t know if I’m tripping because I’m not towing now......or ???....if somethings really up. No codes, nothing looks weird under the hood.....
I did recently replace the EGR cooler and put a coolant filter on (sinister diesel)....
Also, my temps seem high (picture attached)....don’t know if this is from the coolant filter maybe? Seems like it’s the hottest it’s ever been.
any insight would be dope! hope everyone is doing well!!! Leaving Cody tomorrow for Keystone SD, if anyone has any cool stops, let me know!

OH! Real Quick! I do know that I have a small exaughst leak on my cross tube on the EGR system .... the cross tube that takes the EGR valve gaskets.....the passenger side gasket, I didn’t line up the tube perfectly so I do have a small leak there.....but it’s weird because I can only smell it sometimes....? Don’t know if this could be the issue????? And if so, why didn’t it effect it since the beginning?
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