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De-Chrome Stock Rims

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I did some searching around the site but I came up with nothing on this. I want to take the crome off one of the pairs of rims I have. I was wondering if anybody knows for sure if the chrome is spot welded or if it is just crimped near the bead or whatever. I remember someone asking about it before but couldn't find the thread. Any input would be much appreciated.

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If you have the chrome clad steels, then the chrome skins are just crimped on, like wheel balancing weights.
I'm currently de-cladding a set of 1/2ton (Dodge) 20's. They are...I wanna say silicone or caulked, on. Not sure what to exactly call it.
Cool do you think a wire wheel would take off the glue material so I can paint them?
you should be able to use a wire wheel to get off any glue. or you could get them blasted if you have any conections.
they're definitely not just crimped on ... there is an adhesive of some sort holding them on also. I remember a thread where someone de-cladded them, sand-blasted and painted them.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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