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DDRP Relocation, do I have to drop the fuel tank?

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I've recently installed a DDRP 02 on my truck once I discovered my lift pump was on the way out (8psi idle, 3 psi WOT), in the stock location. After seeing the way the pump vibrates with the engine running, I think I'm going to relocate it to the frame rail. I've read the installation manual from FASS's site several times, but I cannot figure out if the fuel tank has to be lowered, or the bed removed.
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You only need to get access to the fuel tank if you are installing or removing different fuel lines and/or pick ups. The bed can be lifted as an alternative to dropping the tank to gain access.

One problem that arises from dropping the tank is that the tank bottom can be pushed up resulting in the pick up being installed too high which causes the dreaded "1/4 or 1/2 tank" issue. A remedy is a sump or getting the pick up located correctly.
You should not have to drop the tank or raise the bed. You should be able to reach the factory suction line connection with the tank mounted but if you can't get your hand up to the top of the tank to remove the factory line we recommend loosing the support brackets and it should give you a lot more access.
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