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DDP 200s vs. J/L 80s

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I just bought a set of DDP 200s and 80s done by J/L Machine. I put the 200s in last night and the truck is stronger but not as strong as I thought it would be. By looking at the three nozzels the 200s were clearly much larger, so I don't think I was screwed or anything.

But Im wondering what I can do to make the truck run better with the 200s? I switch the smarty from Level 9 Timing 4 to level 7 timing 3 thought maybe it would be better but feels about the same.

What should I do? Swap to the 80s and keep the 200s for later or what?
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you dont have the cp3 for them. your going to not see there potential until you get a cp3. i bet the 80's do better.
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