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dana 60 problems

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well, had new ball joints put in a 2002 dodge and now have a leak out on the passenger side of the truck. the people who was banging on the front end of it said there was no way the messed it up and dont want to fix it. did not leak when i took it in. is something my fault or did they screw it up??
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they probibly screwed it up if u dont clean out the axle tube and safts very well when u reinstall u get sand in the seals thus cuting them causing them to leak i know cuz i,ve done it.
To do the balljoints, I would guess they had to take out the axleshafts, and if they drug them over the seal, that would damage the seal. I would question their competence simply for not replacing the seal. Any competent mechanic would STRONGLY encourage you to replace those seals as they are extremely difficult to get to, and fairly cheap and easy to replace once you are in there for balljoints.

That would be a fantastic coincidence to have a seal develop a leak after they worked around it, but one thing to be aware of, is that if there were a leak before, you might not have noticed it, but then did afterwards. Again, any competent tech would have brought it to your attention before finishing the job as any preexisting leak would have been obvious.
you would have thought they'd be smart enough to cover their own for an extra $7 for the frickin seals. I'd take it back, show them and have it replaced on their own time and money.
Problem is guys that the seals are inside the differential. You have to pull the whole diff out to change them. Not a difficult job, but can be, and can be time consuming.

BUT, yes, they have to pull the axles out to change the ball joints, therefore, they probly dicked up the seals in the process.
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