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Dana 60 Font axle Intermediate Shaft Play

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Is there not supposed to be a collar to lock the intermediate shaft in place thats located in the pumpkin? I recently did my front seals and never removed one, im having issue with 4x so i opened the CAD and seen the splines on the end of the intermediate are wearing and that shaft can push in towards the pumpkin roughly 3/8"-1/2". Ive looked at parts list and one shows one but its discontinued and looking at new shafts i dont see a slot for a collar or the collar. When i engage 4x4 the front end makes a horrible banging noise, any help is appreciated.
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It probably contacts the cross-pin in the carrier before bottoming the splines in the side gear.

I have a cad60 in pieces I can look at later today.

The quick'n'dirty one piece shaft swap is a 99-04 super duty (Dana 60) and a 35 spline side gear. You have to figure out a seal though.
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