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Dana 60 Font axle Intermediate Shaft Play

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Is there not supposed to be a collar to lock the intermediate shaft in place thats located in the pumpkin? I recently did my front seals and never removed one, im having issue with 4x so i opened the CAD and seen the splines on the end of the intermediate are wearing and that shaft can push in towards the pumpkin roughly 3/8"-1/2". Ive looked at parts list and one shows one but its discontinued and looking at new shafts i dont see a slot for a collar or the collar. When i engage 4x4 the front end makes a horrible banging noise, any help is appreciated.
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The collar is there to slide from the intermediate over the outside axle splines. There is no(only a few thousandths) between them. The intermediate floats and will wasily slide in and out if the outer stub has been removed. It also has a pilot end that goes in the end of the stub and has bushing in there also.
There should be no play in the intermediate shaft. It bottoms out in the drive gear inside the carrier. Only collar is the CAD.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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