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damaged screw preventing RPM spring install

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I bought a 93 d250 a few months ago and was told the previous owner damaged a screw, I wasnt told what screw. I want to install a rpm spring, but I am not sure what screw was damaged and I was todl it needs to be replaced before I can install the spring. Im new to this website, I tried finding a thread about this, but was unable to. Thanks for any help!
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I would bet its one of the 4 that hold the pump top on. The one closest to the rear block side of the engine. I damaged that and had to notch it out and remove it with a large flat head screw driver.

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I have changed the fuel pin out already, the screws on top are all fine, if I'm thinking of same screws. He said he had to take pump apart to fix it, I realize now I should have said that earlier! :doh:
I don't know if something broke off or the screw just won't back out, but I don't want to start taking things apart or messing with screws without knowing what screw I have to replace or fix.
The fuel pin is in the AFC and those 4 screws are different than what I was talking about. The 4 that hold the pump top on are on the perimeter more. I'll get a picture later on today for you if no one else posts one.

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