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Daleville pull??

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Has anyone heard if daleville is going to have a pull this year? It was about this time last year.
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It looks like its going to be Oct. 1st. Sounds kinda late but that what their website says. i love that pull! A realy good Brush pull with some realy big names!
Yeah its a really fun pull. If I remember right I think it might be the same weekend as the Haisley Machine pull. Ill have to check for sure.
Well I just looked and the Haisley pull is the 4th which is a Sat. The 1st is Wed. I hope that isnt right, last year it was a Fri and Sat.
Haisley Machine Runs that pull. I dont think they make a big deal about it, but they are only 2-3 miles up the road from the track. Its has more of a feel of a bunch of friends pulling than a bunch of competitors. Plus they run a Powder Puff class, which is always fun to watch, but I think I know whos going to win it this year ;)
I love the Haisley pull. You hit the nail on the head, you feel like you are pulling with a bunch of friends and its a nice end to the season.
sorry my post was a typeo (wrote it on 45 min of sleep in 3 days) but it is the 1st. Hopefully if my truck is running, Ill bring it there and pull!
I was just looking on the internet and saw that daleville is having a pull This Sat night. Has anyone else heard about this? The article was from a news paper w/ todays date.
Festival will have bands, truck pulls
Yeah I think boss and I went to this pull a couple years ago when we were in school it was a pretty good one.
I went to it last year and watched truck after truck break. One of them was a pretty stock ford, he drove home in reverse!
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