I have a D70 with a broken LSD carrier and 4.10 YG thats about 4 years old. no damage to R&P or the axle housing. it was a clean break.
im replacing with a D80 so ill have the complete unit. also has new axle shafts from dana as of 2016.
USA gear bearings/seals as of 2017. i have not torn down to verify any bearing damage but aside from glitter in the oil, no hard or large parts were found in the diff. so i suspect with a good cleaning it would all be in good shape.

i may be willing to source a cheap open carrier to make it functional before sale. something we could discuss.

in the end im looking to get out of this, what im putting into the new axle in gears and rebuild kit. so price is negotiable.
im willing to figure out shipping but you would pay freight costs. i have a crane at home to load into my truck so i could bring it to a shipping dock.

ill post photos when i get it out of the truck (some time next week)