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[email protected]*n banjo bolts

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Installed my FASS DDRP today and the banjo bolt on the supply side won`t stop leaking . Have tried several sets of new washers and they just will not seal (I guess ) . Thought I would do away with the banjo connection with a barbed hose connector but I can not find the right thread . Have tried auto supply stores , Home Depot , and Grainger with no luck . Could ANYONE please give me a suggestion on where I might find the right barbed hose connector or any other suggestion on what I can do ? Thanks , Larry
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Not sure on the size but you could always do this.

Not getting rid of the banjo bolt but once its tight you wont have to with it again (heck weld the thing into place)

Otherwise just search google for size of bolt to an fitting Take the banjo bolt part to the parts store and figure out the size it is.
These don't seem to be a typical part that you can find anywhere so online is you best bet.

such as this google search was "12mm to an fitting"
I second the vulcan route call em up tell em what you need and he willknow exactly that is is and get it out pretty quick
Go to any hydraulic hose shop and get steel JIC puch lock fittings. Throw those banjos in the trash

Or vulcan has them
I think its a 12mm boss fitting.
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I Believe they are 12mmx1.5 thread but don't quote me
Vulcan diesel sell what you need
Yep, they have they have the stuff
"Go to any hydraulic hose shop and get steel JIC puch lock fittings. Throw those banjos in the trash"

I agree with this, most towns will have a shop specializing in hydraulic fittings , heavy equipment keeps them in business, you would be surprised at the stuff they will carry that comes in handy.
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