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Cummins/68RFE Reliability - how many miles?

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Thinking of buying a 2019 2500 CCSB 4x4 with the 6.7 Cummins 68RFE and 82k miles. I keep hearing the trans is the weak link on these trucks - is that true? How many miles are folks getting before having issues?

Are there any other common issues on the newer 6.7 Cummins? I haven't had a Cummins since my dad's 1994 24-valve model from way back in the day.

Thanks in advance!
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This is a great forum @patriot23 and with proper care and maintenance you'll find guys like @gsbrockman who ran his 2018 4500 for more than 450k miles and is likely well over 30,000 miles on his 2022 5500 right now. Not the same transmission, I get it, but it's worth referencing in my mind. My 2011 made it 240k before needing transmission repairs. It was ran stock for its 234k miles.
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