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cummins 5.9 starter doesn't work

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I have Dodge Ram 5.9L 1999 year pickup truck and bought a new cummins 5.9 starter from ebay on Aug then went to Mexico on a business trip until last week I went home.
I just installed it yesterday and it doesn't work.
It is the correct part and fits well but the cummins starter was installed and does not turn over or start.
We tried testing it with good electrical connections and it will not work.
Is it a faulty cummins starter ? It has been 2 months and ebay doesn't allow me to return.
Or any parts should I check ?
Pls advise.
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Check to see the the relay,fuses,and wiring.
That's why I don't like ebay - bad return policy.
Amazon,Autozone,Hexautoparts has good warranty and there is no need to worry about receiving a faulty cummins 5.9 starter or not working one day.
Good luck, man.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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