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cruise doesn't work

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Did a search, my question isn't coming up. Swapped an 01 6 speed into my 99. I know I read somewhere on here how to get the cruise to work but can't find it. Neutral safety and all that works, everything works, except the cruise.:banghead:
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Do you have codes? Clock spring may stop cruise from working as will a vavoom leak. Cruise dash light may not come on if clock spring is bad. Light will work if vacuum is bad.
did you use the 01 or 99 ECM? 01 Cruise is controlled by the ECM while 99 is vacuum controlled.

if your still using the 99 ECM and vacuum cruise module located under the driver battery id check for leaks.
Cruise worked before. Didn't mess with steering wheel except to remove auto shifter handle. Kept my 99 ecm. The light doesn't come on either. I would assume that something electrical is not hooked up.
Did not change the harness for the trans, just spliced in the neutral S S and backup lights.
Is there something in the auto trans harness that is no longer hooked up? There are a couple plugs that I didn't use.:confused013:
No codes.

Actually, the truck runs really well, I am impressed with the stick.:blues:

Just need cruise to work. lol
may need to flash to a manual ECM/PCM for the cruise to work. if the tranny harness isn't plugged in could have something to do with it. I Honestly don't now. Maybe someone smarter then me will chime in. Id still check for vac leaks...

I know I would want to reflash to manual programing anyway. simply to get the anti stall features.
Checked vacuum lines and fuses, nuthin. I will check o see what is all plugged into the auto trans............:banghead:
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