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crank shaft or camshaft position sensor

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2001 Dodge 2500 diesel started then died ansd now wont crank. Occassionally it had been bogging down when you first start up and drive off. It would either recover or stop and kill engine and restart and it would correct it self. I have replaced the fuel filter and I plan to check it with a code reader. A friend has a 99 model that had the same problem and they replaced the crankshaft position sensor. What codes are the crankshaft position sensor and the camshaft position sensor? I plan to check for fuel flow to verify if lift pump is working properly. When I turn key on lift pump chirps, but it hasnt filled the filter reservoir. Very limited in knowledge of diesel engines.

Fault codes: P0216 and P0216P.
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It should have one or the other, not both. Have you dealer parts guy run our vin and tell you which it has.
Download the FSM. You have an 01 and shouldn't even ask about the CKP. 01 it the change year and doesn't have one - cam sensor only.
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