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crank no start cp3 leaking fuel????

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Yesterday i was driving hm, nothing out ordinary cruising 60-65mph when CEL came on and truck had sudden loss of power then died. After coasting off the road i turned key off then on and tired to start truck but it would only crank not start. Got out and popped hood to find fuel pissing out on the ground coming from around cp3 area. After having truck towed hm i checked fault codes and had only PO192 Fuel pressure senor voltage too low. Cleared code and removed inner fender to gain a better view at fuel leak, bumped key and watched for fuel leak, found cp3 leaking between pump and engine block but cannot pinpoint exactly where...Any help would b greatly appreciated being this is my only way of transportation..:banghead:
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I hope it didn't split in two . I had one do that on my 04.5 . Good luck . I hope it's something easy .
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Yea I hope not either I would at least like to have a core to give when I buy the new one...just can't decide to go with another stock pump or 33% over...not looking for crazy power but iam not one to turn down a few more horses...truck has been pretty reliable considering its been tuned and deleted for 65,000 miles that I wasn't always the easiest on it...
If you dont plan on adding a big set of aftermarket injectors . Then you should be ok with a 33% over pump.
This is what i found after removing cp3.......blew the plug out the side of pump...:shock:

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You have the prv capped or shimmed?
H&S plugged fuel rail...something inside cp3 came apart and knocked it out...
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