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Crank, No Start - 08 with 191k

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Looking for some thoughts or advice. Got an 08 with 191k and cranks but will not start, new batteries but also seems like weaker crank than normal. Truck ran before it was ditched and now will not turn over. Replaced all battery cables due to them seeming corroded. Checked to make sure pumps and working and definitely have fuel. Truck was tuned and deleted and I believe restored back to stock tune now. Any thoughts or ideas?
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Any codes? Will it start & run with a shot of either? Disconnect your grid heater before attempting. Pull the filter minder & give it a squirt into the air box.
If it starts & runs, it could be a few things causing high fuel return. ECM needs 5000psi rail pressure before firing injectors. Do you have any way to monitor rail pressure while cranking?
Slow cranking speed, Bad injectors, High pressure fuel relief valve, loose injector flow tubes all can contribute to no start. Maybe a bad FCA??
Start by checking torque on connector tubes to 43#\ft, next would be installing a cheap fuel rail plug where the HPFRV goes. Try disconnecting the FCA then try to start. It will cause the CP3 to default at max rail pressure of 26kpsi. Don’t run for long line this (30seconds). If that doesn’t work, try capping each injector 1 at a time to determine if one is leaking.
If original injectors at 191k miles, they could be suspect that 1 or more has failed.
Did you try the 3x key trick?
Cycle key 3x to run/off. On the 3rd time, leave key on run. Stored Codes should display in odometer.
For cluster codes, hold the trip odometer down. Cycle keys & hold. It will go through cluster sweep, show cluster codes & will finish with the total engine hours.
At least, that’s how it works on my ‘06
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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