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CP3 thoughts

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What would you guys recommend for a CP3 a 10mm stroked pump or an 85% over pump as I can get them for pretty much the same exact price with out turning in a core. Any advice on people who have ran either one what is the best over all performance between the two.
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Just seeing what people's opinions are. Ats dual kit is 2800 with pump and the stroker or 85% pump is almost 2100. If rather run duals for another 7-800 for reliability.

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you'll be getting future business dave don't worry. wish you were closer to Va so when I get everything finished get some time on the rollers for some custom tuning. I'll definitely be looking to do some 100-150 nozzles and the pump and trans next either revmax or ats is what I'm thinking.

And yes everything is scheduled to arrive tomorrow by the brown truck :thumbsup:
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