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CP3 Leaking old optic but new question

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So I think my CP3 is leaking and I will verify but it meets all thy symptoms. My question is what to do, I just don't have the place to do the new o-ring thing. It is beyond my scope, tools and garage shop. I guess I need to know if I can have it rebuilt somewhere, should I have it upgraded, or must get a remanufactured OEM replacement.
My tuck has 75,000 miles and is a daily driver. It tows our fifth wheel and boat most it's life. I have a 5 inch exhaust, exhaust brake, air filter, full set of gauges, and a smarty jr. The jr has only been on the 100hp tree times in 5 yrs. I just don't run it hard but it tows a lot.
I am the kind of person that wold get the 22 oz beer over the 12 for a little more money just in case I may want it. I don't want to overspend if the stock CP3 will be fine but I could end up adding meth, injectors just depends but nothing crazy for sure. Any advice/benefits on what to do?

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Where is it leaking from, post pics
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