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Correct Connector Tube P/N

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All the research I've done indicates the correct P/N as 3944833, but when I went to Cummins they gave me a set of 3936453 for my 2002 HO. Did the second number supersede the first? I've seen both listed for 1998-2002 so I can only assume they are interchangeable. Is there any PHYSICAL difference between each, i.e. internal diameter? Thx
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All I've ever heard was a change in the hardness of tip where it seats in injector allowing them to be reused. Either seems to work fine.
what I was told was the newer connector tubes are a little larger inside diameter and work fine on all the second gens. I believe it is the same ones used on the third gens. Just verify with Cummins to be sure.
FYI Correct Connector Tube P/N

I spoke to Cummins Parts Dept today and found out that 3936953 is an assembly P/N, which includes Connector Tube 3944833, and O-Ring 387043. No difference in any parts. Hope this helps
O ring is 3867043. I think you missed a number. Im actually looking at getting these o-rings as I type.

Yep, sorry I fat fingered it.
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