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coolant vapor in cab need help asap

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while driving along at 90 kmh at 16-1700 rpm every so often a cloud of white smoke comes out of the air vents beside the radio and it smells like coolant i have a 1999 2500 5.9 with a 53 block that from what i can tell is not cracked and when i first start it up it makes a swater slooshing sound that comes from near the glovebox area and i cant find the leak anywhere iv looked for hours with no sucess it is a bone stock engine with a custom exhaust and a new oem air filter and also a newer 53 block can anybody help me out ... thanks
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ya it looses a tiny bit each day do you have a guess at what it would cost to fix and is it safe to drive for a few days thanks for the reply
ya the carpet is wet under the glove box with coolant and it is coming out of the little black vent by the console near the floor and shifter (5 spd tranny) and is dripping on the carpet so that is definitly my problem .. thank you soo much i really apprechieate the help
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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