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Coolant loss mystery

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The other day I noticed my coolant tank was empty when I had a headlight go out. Didn't notice last week when installing an exhaust system. Not to say it had coolant or not. Though I assume I would've noticed. Checked oil. Level seemed normal. (I do testing every other oil change last one a few months ago) fuel economy power seems fine. Added a gal of coolant and marked it with tape. 300 miles later no drop in level. No wet spots on driveway. I replaced water pump last Nov. Any ideas where to check other then hoses? I did have a caliper lose a bolt and vibrate heavy last week as the caliper would dig into wheel upon braking. This was after a short heavy tow in addition.
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Check your trans fluid level the heat exchanger could be leaking.

Also there is a coolant hose under the exhaust manifold thats prone to leaking
Possible air locked from the water pump change? I had a 12 valve do this i couldnt get the air out of the coolant system for a long time.
Are you in florida and do u ever run the heater? Or have a valve on your heater core by chance
After i changed coolant i check everyday for about a week and add coolant to the radiator running the truck with the cap off. Never had an issue.

On another note Being in florida u should cut a valve into the heater core line on the back of the head shut it off in the hot months for ice ice cold air conditioning
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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