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Coolant loss mystery

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The other day I noticed my coolant tank was empty when I had a headlight go out. Didn't notice last week when installing an exhaust system. Not to say it had coolant or not. Though I assume I would've noticed. Checked oil. Level seemed normal. (I do testing every other oil change last one a few months ago) fuel economy power seems fine. Added a gal of coolant and marked it with tape. 300 miles later no drop in level. No wet spots on driveway. I replaced water pump last Nov. Any ideas where to check other then hoses? I did have a caliper lose a bolt and vibrate heavy last week as the caliper would dig into wheel upon braking. This was after a short heavy tow in addition.
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Look for signs of a pin hole leak around all your hoses and fittings. Sometimes these leaks only occur at higher temps and close up as the engine cools. There is usually some discoloration (gray or white spray pattern) on surrounding parts. Might need a flashlight to see. Check thermostat (O-ring) and water pump weep hole closely.
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