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Coolant loss mystery

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The other day I noticed my coolant tank was empty when I had a headlight go out. Didn't notice last week when installing an exhaust system. Not to say it had coolant or not. Though I assume I would've noticed. Checked oil. Level seemed normal. (I do testing every other oil change last one a few months ago) fuel economy power seems fine. Added a gal of coolant and marked it with tape. 300 miles later no drop in level. No wet spots on driveway. I replaced water pump last Nov. Any ideas where to check other then hoses? I did have a caliper lose a bolt and vibrate heavy last week as the caliper would dig into wheel upon braking. This was after a short heavy tow in addition.
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Transmission levels good and clean. Your talking about that 3-4" hose by the turbo correct? That's dry. Saw that was common along with black hose from radiator to tank. Also checked p-chock valve.
I am in Florida. I don't recall last time I ran heater. I thought I purged the system correctly running the defrost on high when I installed pump. Though I have ran defrost a couple mornings when close to work due to condensation.
Still haven't lost any further coolant under normal driving. Don't see any signs. Don't like that a gal of coolant is unaccounted for, but I ordered the vacuum pump from Blackstone to do a check to be safe. Normally send in during oil changes. Next check will be after a heavy tow.
Did heavy tow still no coolant loss or discovered leaks. Must have burped an air pocket. Possibly from defroster and/or driving up a 15% grade levee.
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