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Converting irrigation systems to LP, is it financially feasible?

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We've got several irrigation motors that are 4bt, 4bta, and 6bt. We were wondering how much, if any, money we would save by blending propane into them? Also what does it takes to convert them? With diesel as high as it is, it costs a fortune to fill each of them up 3,000 gallons at a time. These motors are bone stock and run all day long at the same rpm.

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Since your engines run the same RPM, it should be pretty easy to rig something up and get it flowing correctly. The correct amount of LPG used to fumigate the intake on a diesel will make the engines run more efficiently. The propane will ring out some extra power out of the fuel oil. Here is some good reading on the topic..

LPG (Propane) Fumigation for Diesel Engines
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