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Converter Shakes & Shutters

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Hi I am a new member I am looking for some help with 1996 5.9 12 valve Ram 3/4 ton I have been having trouble with the torque converter slipping, with 2 converters now so I get a converter that will take the abuse I need to give it. A RevMax stage 5 so now the new converter Shakes & Shutters when the oil is cold much better after it warms up...RevMax says it’s the tranny pump a V44 ? & that there is a fix so please any one know of this....
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is a tc your only mod?
Converter Shakes & Shudders

Well there is a shift kit in the valve body but the rest of the tranny is stock..
I put this converter in & the shudder started but only when cold, RevMax says that it is my pump they called it a V44 pump? and that there is a fix I just need to find out how... Thanks
If they say its a VP44 they are idiots.. that is a injection pump off of a later model 24 valve..
so the converter shakes and shutters at idle?
The stator is putting a larger load against the motor at idle. It is pulling the idle down and killing the engine. Just before it dies it shudders and shakes...

This is very common on the older trucks, simply raising the idle a bit fixes the issue!
I hope your line pressure is cranked up. And if you dont have the heavy duty band strut, you may want to put it in.
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