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Converted from Powerstroke

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I have recently sold my Powerstroke after finally getting sick of paying for it and now I am in the market a cummins. I need some opinions on what to look for. My most important thing I am looking for is fuel economy. I was getting about 13 with my stroke. I pull a couple different mowing trailers that range from 2500lbs - 5000lbs and that is it really. I want a manual tranny but beyond that I don't know. What do you guys think for year, 5.9 vs 6.7, etc... Any info would be great. Thanks. Ps trying to spend 25/30k
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if you dont plan on doing much to it and JUST want fuel economy its mainly just personal preference. its not like there was leaps and bounds when it comes to MPGs over the years. its when you start throwin go fast parts on it that the year starts to matter.

for 25-30k you can either get a 6.7 and nothing else, or a 5.9 with some money left over to beef it up.
Would OP be further ahead wit the 03/early 04 engines with re-entrant pistons? It was my understanding these were a little better for fuel economy than the later engines...

Just a thought....
possibly, but how much better? 1-2 MPG?

people on here go nuts over MPG #'s. 1 MPG gain here, 1.5 MPG gain there. so many things go into that number theres really no rock solid way of pinning it down. unless i saw consistent, long term #'s >5 MPGs lower than average, i wouldnt give it much weight.

its more about HOW you drive than WHAT you drive.
i love it when someone says "my buddy is getting 20mpg and im only getting 18mpg! help!"
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