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This is the Contact for the Texas Lemon Lawry in Austin. This is the fellow that i used. Its a free service provided by the state

Robert Shrawder

ASE Certified Master Technician
Transportation Investigator
Texas Dept. of Transportation
Motor Vehicle Division
Austin, Texas
(512) 416-4868
(512) 416-4850

Here is a contact for DC in TEXAS but may be able to point someone in the direction for out of state

Jan Galaway Kershaw Chrysler LLC
Suite: Southwest Business Center
E-mail: [email protected]
533 Northpark Central Drive, Suite 170
Houston, TX 77073

Also Phil Barber is the person that you need to contact for DC but i dont have his info but he is in and out of Jan Galaway's office. She may be able to get you that info
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