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My 05 is giving me a headache. I was halfway through a 1 hour drive when I stopped for a tasty beverage. I get out on the hwy and put my foot in it about 75% from a stop (like I do often) and runs great till about 20-25 lbs then falls on its face. It has new Bosh injectors about 3k ago. Truck has 170 on the dash. It through a waste gate code and a fan code that's all I know from the shop that told me I need a turbo. I've since put a new waste gate solenoid, waste gate actuator, map censor, and inercooler boots. I'm starting thinking it's the wires on the solenoid. Dose anyone know the resistance it should have at the plug or does anyone have a clue what's going on with this angry dodge of mine? Oh yeah and if I put it to the floor from a stop it does the boost waste then it won't even slow rev to 2nd, it stays at about 2k like it's in a limp mode of some sorts. If I stay out of it and run it like a odor man it runs good. Also the turbo wheel has no play and spins freely. And the waste gate door seems to move freely when disconnected from the actuator. And it hasn't put out a new code since the new actuator and solenoid. Please send help for the newbie. Ps I tried to reset the tps but I'm not sure it did anything after 2 tries
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