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Connector tube o-ring--$$

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While my motor was down for the injector change, I decided to change the o-rings on the connector tubes to help prevent a fuel leak just in case I knicked on on removal. I've not heard of many people changing them, but I figured it was good insurance. While I was at work, I had my son go pick them up as they had to order them.

They charged $9.75 apiece!! :thud:Is that the true price? I didn't see any gold lining on them............

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I just paid .72 cents a piece from cummins for mine just last week. I think they saw you coming
I paid 9.90 for a set at southern plains cummins in Ft. Worth and 8.23 for a set for the injectors. may be some confusion on their part or that is worst case of price gouging I have ever heard of !Return them and call 817-624 -2107 even with shipping to Pampa it has to be cheaper.
Amen to that. Southern Plains is also the best place to buy oil and fuel filters.
I get mine form them in Houston. They will send parts to you as well.

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