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Computer Reset

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So my fog lights have quit working and after learning you need a starscan tool to reset them I went an asked a local shop where I've had some stuff done if they had one. They didn't have one but he told me to try an take the battery cables off and touch the leads together and it would discharge the computer and reset once the batteries are reconnected and might save some money.

So has anybody heard of this or done it? I'm kind of leery to try it cause I don't know what it would do to my efi. I'm guessing if it worked I would just have to load the tunes in again.
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Sometimes the battery lead trick will work but not always. I've had a few trucks with this problem, if you can find someone with the star scan tool it litterally takes about 3 minutes. Downside is most shops will charge you for a diagnostic or whatever.. but if you know anybody that has the tool it is super simple to reset. Maybe try disconnecting both batteries overnight and see what happens?

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