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Computer Reset

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So my fog lights have quit working and after learning you need a starscan tool to reset them I went an asked a local shop where I've had some stuff done if they had one. They didn't have one but he told me to try an take the battery cables off and touch the leads together and it would discharge the computer and reset once the batteries are reconnected and might save some money.

So has anybody heard of this or done it? I'm kind of leery to try it cause I don't know what it would do to my efi. I'm guessing if it worked I would just have to load the tunes in again.
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Have you checked fuses 15 and f25, is there corrosion? If they are good what you can try is disconnect your batter cables. Remove fuses f15 and 25, touch the cables together for about 30min, hook up the cables and then insert the fuses.

F25 I believe controls the relay for the foglights, you also might be able to check to see if there is any power on that circuit.
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