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Hi guys,

first of all I tried to find answers on these question while browsing threads in this forum but there are so many...

I have some questions regarding compound setup;
I am putting to turbos in gasoline engine - compound setup. I understand everything how it works and how should I build setup (just to clear things).

I will try this on Audi 2.2L 5 cylinder engine. Engine is already built for high horsepower so no worries about that.

Now I would need some advice regarding turbos to take;
- I have here at the moment one turbo capable of arround 500hp (55mm inducer, 76mm exducer, 0.63A/R exhaust housing) - as first turbo and than another turbo capable arround 750hp (71mm inducer, 0.96A/R exhaust housing) as second turbo.
Is this good choice or there should be less/more difference in turbos? I have no experiences with this setup so please help with advice.

Both turbos have external wastegates and I will control both with standalone (Vipec) - I have also 2 exhaust gas pressure gauges (each manny one of course) , egt sensor, 2 boost gauges for each compressor housing and AFR meter of course. With this standalone I can control more or less everything. Do I need to put something more inside?

If second (bigger) turbo will make let say 25psi, how much aprox. should first turbo raise(compress it) the boost? So how much boost should I expect in intake manny?

How do you know not to overspeed first turbo? Only with exhaust gas pressure in first manny and intake gas pressure have 1:1 or? Sorry no experience, so I hope these are not idiotic questions...:S:

If I know first smaller turbo gives full boost arround 3000rpm in single turbo setup - when should be the boost in compound setup? The same, slower?

If bigger turbo on this engine(single turbo setup) at arround 25psi gives cca 600hp - would it give 600hp also in a compound system? (so bigger turbo 25psi + smaller turbo extra compression)

I know I am not (at the moment) diesel guy and there are a lot of questions but I would very appreciate if you guys can help me with mine compound stuff.

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